DutchWest Wood Stoves

DutchWest Wood Stove: Cast Iron Non-Catalytic

DutchWest Cast Iron Non-Catalytic

Small, Medium and Large Sizes Available
The New DutchWest Non-Catalytic Wood Stove line features a classic design with a large glass front and a long list of extraordinary features. Nothing but the best – solid durable cast iron construction, fast starting and long burning.

DutchWest Wood Stove: Cast Iron Catalytic

DutchWest Cast Iron Catalytic

Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes Available
The DutchWest heritage continues with the cast iron catalytic wood stove. Traditional styling, with pebbled cast iron texture and arch door, will bring charm into any room. This clean burning, EPA approved, Federal styled woodstove loads from both the side and the front. The stove also has a convection system for improved air movement.