St. Croix Multi-Fuel Stoves

St. Croix Element MF

Perfect for tight spots, corners or smaller rooms and cabins that still call for ample warmth, the Element-MF steps up to the challenge by delivering big heat when you need it. With easy-cleaning features and a generous-for-its-size 50-pound hopper, it delivers the performance and reliability of a genuine St. Croix stove in a size that fits where you need it to.

St. Croix Greenfield

A cast iron multi-fuel stove with a flair for function
The sturdy design of the cast iron Greenfield stove embodies St. Croix style. Evoking the feeling of a traditional woodburning fire, this multi-fuel stove melds thoughtful form and quality function. A strong frame is complemented by delicate design details—like arched doors that frame a large viewing area. The result? A quality stove that’s as practical as it is attractive.

St. Croix Auburn

A traditional multi-fuel stove built to burn long and strong
The straightforward thinking behind this multi-fuel stove’s design is as reassuring as its classic aesthetic. With a 90-pound hopper, the Auburn is a product of utility. A larger fuel capacity means you’ll spend less time refueling. Convenience paired with solid construction – that’s the Auburn advantage.

St. Croix Ashby-MF

A multi-fuel insert designed to rededicate your space to warmth
Built to replace your current source of woodburning heat, the Ashby insert offers all the benefits of a standard multi-fuel stove while fitting into your existing fireplace profile. With easy-cleaning features and convenient digital controls, you’re able to efficiently manage the fire – leaving you with a multi-fuel heating source that’s both conventional and contemporary.